As we have continued our careers with mesothelioma nothing stands out so much to us as healthcare professionals regarding  how difficult it is to get the best care one deserves. We have personally made numerous  appointment for patients to be seen by a mesothelioma specialist. To make one appointment it requires countless energy and hours that are spent coordinating appointments  lodging and transportation. 

Most recently I have been speaking with a patient who is a  young woman who has epithelial type mesothelioma. I thought as our conversation progressed you have  a really great chance of survival or at least some significant time. She was unaware of specialists and agreed to see one. Yes, there was a catch. Her insurance will have to clear her to see someone out of network. Of course that also does not seem like a big deal, but she is feeling so awful from the chemotherapy that she is unable to make phone calls. 

This is one example as how one patient is trying to beat this disease, but the hurdles of insurance may beat her. There are countless patients out there like this.  Another recent example is we are encouraging a patient to travel to a mesothelioma center. This required air transportation, transportation to and from the airport and helping him make a multitude of appointments so he can be seen by a specialist. This is just a few brief examples that patients may experience when diagnosed with Mesothelioma. 

Despite the travel arrangements and coordinating appointments  it does not even begin to describe what a patient must endure emotionally. They need to educate themselves about the disease, the treatment and the recovery. There is so very much to think and worry about. Yes, some people are fortunate to have people in their lives that can help with this, but not all are so fortunate. This is where “The Meso Nurse” comes into help. Let us be the ones that can help you through your journey of Mesothelioma. This does not have to be done all alone. Please let us help you make your life easier.

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