Diagnosing mesothelioma is rarely a clear cut immediate diagnosis.  It is often made after months of treatment for other conditions.  This is due primarily to the nature of the disease.  Once the diagnosis is made- now which way to turn.  Most people that have heard the word mesothelioma in regard to asbestos and law suites.  Your first priority should be to get to a dedicated mesothelioma specialist with a dedicated team at a recognized mesothelioma center.

After taking a deep breath, it is important to realize that mesothelioma is a serious condition- but not one without hope.  Like everything in life, your approach needs to be a pro-active, positive search of what you are facing.  There are currently approximetly twenty mesothelioma centers across the country, some specifically for pleural and some for peritoneal mesothelioma.  The centers have teams of doctors dedicated to treatment, and research of this deadly cancer.  Since it is a rare condition, you need to find the center that suits you and your family.

With treatment there are many people who have lived well beyond there initial prognosis.  People are moving forward with life.  The most important things is not to give up hope.

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