Complementary and Alternative Medicine and  Integrative Medicine
Complementary and alternative medicine known as CAM- is the term used for medical products and practices that are not part of standard medical care.  According to the National Cancer Institute  “Complementary medicine” refers to treatments that are used with standard treatment.  “Alternative medicine” refers to treatment s that are used instead of standard treatment.

Standard treatments are therapies that have been based on scientific evidence from research studies.  Not all CAM treatments have been studied for safety and effectiveness.
Integrative Medicine- Total approach to care that involves patient mind body and spirit.  It combines standard medicine with the CAM practices that has been shown to have the most promise.
There are separate types of therapies- examples of some of them are:

  • Mind-Body Medicine- Includes meditation, focused breathing, biofeedback, hypnosis, yoga, imagery, creative outlets. Biologically Based Practices-vitamins, herbs, foods, special diets.
  • Manipulative and Body Based Practices- massage, chiropractor, reflexology.
  • Energy Medicine- involves the belief that the body has energy fields that can be used for healing and wellness. Pressure is used in Tai Chi which is slow gentle movements. Therapeutic touch uses energy fields
  • Whole Medical Systems- in Chinese medicine body has two forces that balance ying and yang.   Naturopathic different methods to help body naturally heal self.

Be careful natural does not equal safe.  Supplements do not have to be approved by the federal government..